The 2015 CV2R Retreat was held October 14-16, 2015 at the Aqueduct Conference Center in Chapel Hill, NC.


Agenda & Presentations





Industry Demos (Wednesday evening)

Steven Osman (Sony) – Playstation VR

Nicolas Tsingos (Dolby) – Jaunt on GearV (with Dolby Atmos content) + Audio Capture

Yaser Sheikh (Oculus) – Oculus HMD demo

Pierre Fite-Georgel (Google) – Cardboard demo with a phone

Paracosm – Large-area 3D mapping for Immersive AR Experiences

URC Ventures – 3D Answers from Anyone’s Imagery

David Luebke (NVIDIA) – HMD Demonstration

Trey Greer and Josef Spjut (NVIDIA) – Small Display Demonstration

Tracy McSheery (PhaseSpace) – HMD Demo with Tracking

UNC Demos (Thursday evening)

Carl Schissler – Virtual Tuscany with Geometric Acoustics

Atul Rungta – Wave-based Acoustics Simulation

Auston Sterling – Texture-based Physics for Multimodal Interaction

Aniket Bera/Sahil Narang – Crowd Tracking & Adding Data-Driven Crowds to Virtual Scenes